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Daotong Strategy (DS) is a political consultancy specializing in political and financial intelligence about China, a complex nation often seen unclearly.

Clients are sent monthly reports that help unpack a society that is often subject to cultural illiteracy. These are meticulously researched to provide accurate information on trends in international affairs, corporations, institutions, energy, demographics, commodities, technology, politics and finance.

Bridging the epistemic gap between China's markets and western frameworks, Daotong Strategy's case studies help investors make informed decisions by stripping out the noise and focusing on the fundamentals.


DS provides research, data and insights that help clients face new challenges and seize new opportunities in China. DS has solutions for companies, investors and governments that operate in or do business with China. DS helps clients develop robust China+ strategies, uncover new revenue and investment opportunities, map risks, build mitigation plans, optimize cross-border operations and stress-test internal assumptions.


Key areas include

  • Political elites

  • Heavy industries

  • Social systems

  • Companies

  • Markets

  • Ideology

  • Culture

  • S. E. Asia

Bespoke reports available on request

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